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Yulia Kazban
юля казбан
“Contemporary Poems”
this is how I would describe Yulia works; navigating in available images on the web visitors can enjoy a tremendously romantic experience.

Yulia strictly works with analogic camera and classic dark room processes, that’s why she’s able to transfer herself in each production.

Every single photograph is a new born come to life from Yulia heart, the double use of the light to impress the negative film first and to “print” on photographic paper after, provides and infinite number of opportunities all mastered by the artist to gain the desired result.

The first sight immediately attract the attention to the “timeless” theme, a deeper observation of the works shows the unique way for both subjects and lights interpretation.  

Yulia easily move from portraits to landscapes impressing her own vision into the observer’s deep unconsciousness.                    
Yulia Кazban, was born in 1983 in  Ukraine, grew up and currently she’s living in Russia.
Since 2005 works with film photography.
She creates her images using  traditional darkroom printing.

Selected Group Exhibition
2013, "The Kickplate Project: As You Like It”, Abertillery, Wales 
2014,  "The Kickplate Project: Dall'Esterno", Naples, Italy and Abertillery, Wales 
2015, “Letters from prison” -  ART.17 - Civitavecchia; Rome, Italy


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