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Yell Saccani
I don't need you to like me
I need you to like my art

     That’s all I need to hear.....where I live I'm "da bitch that thinks she is an artist but she is not even a photographer" or da bitch..... I'm online to get my work notice so if I "touch" your souls somehow I'm the happiest bitch in the world.....cause that’s all I wanted at first place, "you" guys to feel with me my pain, anger fears and life sucks that’s what I feel that’s what I show.

     You might want to share my concern when I decided to pick up the phone and call Yell. I  thought she would simply tell me to “go-to-hell”, obviously it did not went in this way. I actually found an incredibly deep personality who is able to transfer in her works the unease of Eilat suburbs.

    Yell works are a dark-shouting-dance of deepest feelings, dramas and social constrain suffered in her neighborhood. I’ve been spending nights in Yell’s world to select presented works, by doing that you can gain a second level of understanding of a complex, unique and quite often, only apparently, surly personality. 

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