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Simona Carmineri

         It’s an anonymous winter Friday night, two o’clock are passed since about 20 minute and I’m having a chat in the clientless favorite rock club with the bar tender.

     It’s a standard conversation between two person, the environment inspires talks about the past, youth, impossible true lived adventures, common friends, live concert where we both were, without knowing each other at that time; beer glasses accumulates like a crystal rods forest on the wooden table, which also talks about its engraved stories, names and symbols.

        It’s about one hour we’re talking, but my attention is no longer voted to her voice, I’m mostly interested to a painting hanging on the completely black tinned wall, between concert advertisings, musician pictures and a lots of skulls, devils and demons who are all around us. That painting it’s an uncommon image in that environment, where everything around is black-driven, the painting has bright colors, even though the sensation it transfers is in complete harmony with the Ride ‘n’ Roll club.

          I took the courage, interrupted the conversation and asked who was the author, the bar tender, with a big smile on her face, simply replied: “it’s my sister’s work, that’s what she does for living, do you like it?”.

       That’s how I simply get in contact with Simona, her paintings are the essence of the one-of-a-kind contemporary woman, she follows and transfers on canvas two distinct interpretation’s streams: the “pop-colored” and the “dark-obscure” currents.

She can transfer on her paintings the idea of the self-standing and independent woman without interfere, neither sacrifice, her sensuality and femininity.

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