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Rino Rossi  

    There’s always a time when a triggering event change your vision on a specific theme. In particular, I’ve always been skeptical about photographic works done with smartphones … until I met Rino Rossi photography, or better Rino’s iPhoneography.

iPhoneography, this term in use since 2008, and Rino switched his way of making photography from a standard camera to the iPhoneography in 2010.

Rino Rossi’s works is the result of an insatiable, visionary need to interpret what he defines an absolute non-sense-reality, in something that can be re-wrote, re-interpreted to make the world around us interesting, a kaleidoscope universe of sensations.

In short there was a time when I had to admit to myself that iPhoneography is interesting, that it gives another way of interpreting what’s outside there, it’s an integral part and absolutely with all titles, part of the revolution dated XXI century.

Rino already exhibited in several events, his works, have been featured in many different magazine. Definitely been innovative, creative and one of the pioneer of this worldwide movement, has to bring the payback at some point. He is extremely active and involved with specialized web fanzines, blogs, also he is the founder and curator of some of theme.

I’m very honored of being able to feature a very small part of Rino Rossi’s production, hoping to succeed in sharing with you all this beautiful interpretation of the world around us.

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