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Pau Desforest

“Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”
—Genesis 11:4–9
If the purpose was to break down communication, well, something went wrong … people can communicate and understand each other in a number of different ways.
Let’s say that when English and French try understand each other, not knowing the other idiom, a funny “Babylon” sketch is on-stage. When finally myself and Pau understood that academic communication would not have been successful, we moved our conversation to a different level: we let Pau’s photographs acting as our interpreter.
What was NOT planned,  is that photographs took completely over our willingness and decision power, they decided independently which photographs should have been delegated to talk about Pau’s world vision, best describing a poetry-permanent-moving-world made of fairs, people, dreams and veiled eroticism.  
Photographing the movement, the being in its timelessness and universality, to grasp the oddity and the magic that sometimes you can find even in the heart of banality.

To make anachronistic touches on current images. Sepia, monochrome, errors, weather wear, stains ... to blur the boundaries between photography and painting by applying material, thus creating a thickness on the image and reworking the color as a painter do with his palette.  Soften people’s features or objects’ outlines through an extensive use of blur and thus propose a dreamlike world built starting from reality.

To give visibility to the thousand facets of femininity, the body, or nakedness, clothing as predominant subject and almost personified, thus creating a double of the model.  To put the emotion at the center of the picture, often depriving the subject of the face or any part of the body to make sure that all the attention is focused to what you see in the image. All subjects are to capture: nature, city, architecture, animals, children, sea, women, dance, and many others.
These themes are my life, and what I love the most. Witness of the life instincts that reside in everything and in every being, I’ll try to sublimate them in the image as signs, message, message of love and life.                                                                         
Pau Desforest

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