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Parker Hill  

     Parker Hill is a film writer and director.

I’ve been always interested in film director’s interpretation of “still” images Vs motion: big names like Wim Wenders (one of my favorite) made incredible shoots while working on their movies, that are appreciated from worldwide collectors and galleries.

I always had my personal idea, that you can really appreciate an inspired film director through its photographs. I might be wrong, but I think that  being able to tell a story by using a single “frame”, having the ability of the story telling, could be even more challenging instead of  having minutes of available film; this might make the difference between an image poet and the others.

Linking to poetry and to Parker’s photographs, one sentence arose in my mind: “… she use the light with incredible gentleness and parsimony …”.
Most of her works are on 35mm film, as if light was a very limited source: images and colors reflect that minimum of light needed to allow us to look into that specific story, eyes need to adjust their sight to see.

 To understand, you are somehow forced to join and enter into the frame, being part of it.

I know Parker Hill aspiration and work are currently addressed to film making, but I would like to encourage her to keep making photographs, to let us continue enjoying the beauty of her photographic works.                                                                 
BFI London Film Festival 2017
Tribeca 2017 TAF Film Festival
Champs-Elysées Film Festival 2017
Tribeca 2016 TAF Film Festival
San Diego Film Festival 2015
Tribeca 2015 TAF Film Festival
Ottawa International Film Festival 2015


We’ve Got Time
Doctors House
Little Boxes
Tough Man
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