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Nat Von Sky
(Natalia Skirzynska)

I personally love time spent at the airport waiting for the next connecting flight, I simply find the back noise, PA announcements and people rushingaround a very interesting part of our society, which would have been simply impossible to imagine a few decades ago.
I choose my spot and I sit and observe, shortly after, people rushing around start to look like part of a mute, faceless travelers community.
A few months ago I was in Schiphol waiting for my flight, while looking for interesting artists on the web, I ran into some pieces which interpret my vision of the traveler’s community; the image title was “Kill me” by Nat von Sky. 

Nat von Sky’s work reflects the 21st Century need to recover, in a modern key, past Masters from Pop Art and Metaphysical paintings, her pieces give an innovative and personal interpretation of current society.

Originally from Poland, Nat is now based in Gloucester, UK .
“I am inspired by film noir, Frida Kahlo's self-expression, graphic design and street artists. My photography is about fears and passions. I am using manipulation to create dark, powerful portraits as a way to describe myself and the world around me”, this is how Nat describes her work and vision.

2015 - JaworArt - Jawor, Poland
2014 - Cardiff, Wales - Fotofringe
2011 - Trieste, Italy

Eyemazing Susan's Annual Pictorial 2014
Fuori Asse - November 2015
Afterparty Magazine - Issue 02 :
Szafa kwartalnik – 35
Artists inspire artists

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