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Michaela Knizova

I found particularly difficult to build a story to present this album. It’s always a challenge the album presentation, but when you’re dealing with a multidisciplinary artists, things get tougher; then if you’ve been personally involved in performance art years (and years) ago, you’re in trouble.

Michaela (Nynewe) started as painter to move, then, into video making and performances, each of those disciplines give a specific contribution and influence Michaela’s interpretation of her photographic expression.

The “saints” projects revise an oneiric vision of iconic subjects, while other subjects are interpreted with her unique artistic vision.
All her works leaves the sense of an unsaid-yet-story, stimulating people imagination beyond the image, giving the impression that what we’re looking is the single photogram mercilessly cut from a story.

Michaela has a great confidence in using her body, as well as she’s able to drive different subjects to became completely at ease in front of a shooting camera, like a movie director would do with actors and scenography. She guides people, subjects and even the surrounding environment in the required direction, to express her concepts, ideas and satisfy her artistic hunger.
Yes, I just used the word “hunger”, her works communicates an insatiable expression urge to communicate others what’s around, inside and beyond them.


2015 At The End Of Time, Maison Bergamini, Brussels, Belgium
2013 Time to forget the colour of my Eyes, Vovatanya Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine
2013 Lucie, Agáta, Ágnes, Salon Daguerre, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 Bedtime Stories, Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia


2015 KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria
2013 KAIR, Kharkov, Ukraine


2015 SLOVAK ART DAYS, The Gallery on the Corner, London, UK
2015 CONNECTIVE CORRIDOR, Fluc, Vienna, Austria
2013 La Nuit de l’Instant 4, Marseille, France
2012 Lost Selfhood (Michaela Knížová & Alex Bočeková) Slovak Institute in Warsaw, Poland
2012 Followers Exhibition, Bat-Yam Art Institute Gallery, Bat-Yam, Israel
2011 FÉROCES Festival International de Photographie, Lyon, France
2010 PERSONA, HEARTBREAKERS Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

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