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Why “Misfits”
I confess, the name is a tribute to my youth and the factors that have conditioned it.
It literally means, people who did not have the capacity or the ability to perform the normal process of adaptation to the sociocultural environment that surrounds them, with which they are then in conflict, at times even violent, a condition that can lead to fractures of personality, to emotional upsets.

The mismatch comes when you live a conflict of values ​​within the social context, which leads to a state of restlessness.
From these conflicts and turmoil, today, artists dear to me get inspired for their most interesting work, which is able to communicate, stimulate and convey a frame of mind.

Through the eyes we can seduce those areas of our unconscious used to process the feelings, moods and dreamlike visions of a transposed reality, from here comes my obsession for visual arts.

MISFITS PROJECT is a device to disrupt a domain technique that imprisons the contemporary man.
Andrea Ferrante

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