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Kamauchi Hideki

Several years have passed since the first time I’ve crossed Kamauchi’s first works.

     I clearly remember that I was in a Hotel in Tripoli, I could not fall asleep, as usual every first night in a new hotel, by surfing on the web looking for new interesting works, I incidentally got into “SEDIMENTATION RATE” an interesting and fascinating work permeated on cosmic realism, immediately I targeted a few works that I HAD TO HAVE.

     A few minutes later the e-mail was ready, the first contact with Kamauchi was made, and within a couple of weeks, the works were on my desk.

This is always the best part of the story, like kids waiting for Santa, I keep resuming that feeling of expectation every time I know a courier is on his way with my “passions” in a folder.

This Album is a reductive retrospective of the significantly wide Kamauchi Hideki’s work production, but visitors can still have a good sip of his world vision.

The Album is also my personal thanks for his consideration and patience in dealing with me, wishing him all the best for his career.

Hideki Kamauchi, photographer  
Born in Osaka, Japan, 1967
Osaka University dropout (1987)
Living in Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan
Solo exhibition 
"About  a View 2"  at Gallery Maggot, Osaka 2015
"Book of Monochrome"  at Birdie Photo Gallery, Kobe 2013
"BC" at Gallery Limelight, Osaka 2011
"Gravuty and Lyricism"  at Gallery Maggot, Osaka 2010
Mixed exhibition 
"Quodlibet" (Kamauchi & Miu Nozaka) at Acru Gallery, Osaka 2014
"16×2" (Kamauchi  & Ken Tasumi) at Gallery Maggot, Osaka 2011
"Lyrical Pictures" (Kamauchi & Hiroyuki Nakamura) at Gallery Limelight 2009
"Sedimentation Rate" (Kamauchi, Takayuki Fukunaga, and Mizuho Yamamoto) at Gallery Maggot 2008
"TANTOTEMPO pure 2012" at Gallery TANTOTEMPO, Kobe  2012
"TANTOTEMPO pure vol.3" at Gallery TANTOTEMPO Kobe  2010

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