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John Paul


If someone had to ask me which is most fascinating place I’ve ever visited, I would probably say the islands of Malta.

While roaming around the islands you are able to experience thousands of years of historical mysteries and remnants of all the civilisations who have been living on these islands. Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French and British; each one of them “instilled” in the Maltese atmosphere, a sort of curious inherent mystery originating from the prehistoric times when the Megalithic Temples were built.

In this unique environment, a challenging artist is currently working and residing: John Paul Azzopardi. His works are constructed from a variety of synthetic and organic materials combined together creating a bricolage of intertextuality, thus shaping an arrangement of texts ranging from ancient to contemporary philosophical notions, mythological, and social critique. Existential symbolic expressions are used to reveal hidden psychological structures and phenomenological tensions.

John Paul has a unique manner in how he portays his concepts. I’m confident this album will allow the observer to experience a novel mode of contemporary bricolage sculpture. 

Selected Exhibitions
2014 VIVA Vallette International Visual Arts Festival 2014
2014 Bri•co•lage Solo exhibition - Il-Hagar, Victoria, Gozo
2012 Decay Solo exhibition - 74 (The Splendid), Strait Street, Valletta
2012 Wiċċ Imb Wiċċ Collective Exhibition - St.James Cavalier, Valletta.
2012 6:6 Collective Exhibition
2011 Science & Society Collective Exhibition
2010 Opening Lily Aguis Gallery, a collective exhibition

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