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Giusy Grande
"Have you ever walked onto the clouds, looking down the darkness of the ground
as you keep looking into black rounded holes, fascinated and terrified you’ll suddenly fall down
and there, only there, with your face into the snow,
your cold sweated skin wakes up from a dramatic chemical dream".

     Despite the gentle surface, Giusy Grande’s works are likely an oneiric vison, both B&W and Color Prints are soaked by the mystery of the non-existence, a parallel world is announced and an unrevealed force keeps you mirroring into them.

     Throughout her works, the artist proposes the observer to follow her soul into a parallel Kingdom, which only apparently is not a part of our reality.
By simply letting you fall down into them, Giusy’s photographs will gently drag you into their essence, letting you pass the untouchable barrier which separates different dimensions of several worlds.
Giusy Grande was born in 1988 in Avola (Sicily), where she currently lives and works.
She studied theatrical scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts.
In 2009 she approached photography, studying it as an autodidact.
The camera is a necessary means to transform "mental" images in "real" images, to bring to light what is hidden.
Additional information available on the website.
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