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Claudio Parentela  

       How many times, we realize that things do not “just happen”, sometimes it really seems like that different events, apparently mismatched, get the grip to appear in a precise instant of our lives.

       Few weeks ago, I finally received a quite famous work from Man Ray, the “Surrealist Chessboard” where he Features Portraits of Surrealist Icons. Needless to say, the emotion you feel while “handling” those pieces of contemporary art and culture is great, and the first question that came up to my mind was: …” What’s left from the Surrealist movement nowadays? How it developed into today’s art, culture and expression?” As you can easily imagine I found hundreds of thousands answers to my question … Surrealism simply changed our whole culture and the way human beings interpret themselves and today we’re still totally immersed into that movement and its manifesto.

       I could have chosen a number of different contemporary authors and disciplines to represent the XXI century Surrealism, from sculptures to photography, from painting to digital art or virtual art … the final decision went to Claudio Parentela’s world.

      The first impression I had when I started to look at his generous production was to find myself in front of one of the most visionary, contradictory and completely immersed into the XXI century surrealism movement artist I've ever met, not by chance most of the themes used in his works fulfills the original Surrealism manifesto.

This time I will avoid to include direct references about publications, exhibition and collaborations, since the selection will be almost impossible. Claudio Parentela travels back and forth between Italy,Europe and USA, and the best I can do, is to invite anyone to visit his website or simply to click on one of the 215.000 findings google can give by using his name on the search engine.

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