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Annalisa De Luca  

     When I first contacted Annalisa, she described herself as a neophyte self-thought photographer.

    Leaving her own opinion aside, Annalisa is a polyhedral artist and photographer, the roots of her artistic career are spread in several disciplines including dramaturgical recitation.

     Her photographic production moves from self-portraits, to daily routine  scenes,  up to performative-art–driven subjects.
Annalisa’s way of giving birth to her images, typically provides direct and well coded messages to the public, even if, in some projects, she is able to awake individuals inner self, to stimulate self-introspection and criticism.

     When I saw the self-portrait series, my comment  was simply “Wow! You are all the women of this world, the lovely mother, the daughter, the lover, the person seen at the airport that I will never know, the friend everybody would like to have and the one nobody would, the growing daughter each parent would always protect,  the feminist, the enemy I would deserve to fight”.

     What’s curious is that she has a well recognizable style, except for a very few works that I empathetically associated to schizophrenic creative instants, resulting in the ones I defined her absolute (master)pieces, in the sense that those works are absolutely out of the chorus, they are, each one in it's own uniqueness, a one-of-a-kind universe. 


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